Basics & tips to keep your at home automation moving smoothly

by Lorrie Geiss 04/16/2023

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Using an automated Internet of Things (IoT) has helped homeowners monitor their power usage with smart plugs and smart lights, control smart thermostats from their cell phones and turn on their favorite jams with voice control.

But what if smart devices could protect our home and itself while you’re away? Here are a few key reminders to keep your home automation running smoothly and securely.

How do smart homes work?

Smart homes rely on many automated features for monitoring and convenience. These features tend to make the house more "intelligent" and household-friendly.

Smart homes usually utilize home automation systems, often accompanied by a smart hub with a line of compatible devices. The best part being that they typically work well on the same network.

How does home automation work?

Automation happens when connected devices utilize wireless technology, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to merge functionality for user convenience and control.

This means you can control your door locks, smart lighting, smart speakers and other smart home devices from a mobile app or other automation device.

What about security?

There are a few things encompassing home automation security. The first being a home automation system you can attach security cameras, smart door locks and other security monitoring elements to.

The second facet is the security of your home's automation devices. Practicing basic internet security, like using a private network device with encryption and updating router names, are just a few ways to keep your online security and home security properly engaged.

One of the best things about smart home security systems and network security is you can either install them yourself or invest in professional installation.

Regardless of your preference, keep these basics in mind, and you'll be able to utilize your comfort with a little more peace of mind.

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